Scorecards tab

Scorecards are used by event judges to score an auto.

Scorecards hold Judging Criteria, a Description and a Value paired together (e.g. Exterior, 20) used to score an auto.  

Multiple judging criteria can be 'grouped' together to create the Scorecard.

Car Show Pro allows you to create unlimited Scorecards for your event.

Scorecards are assigned to Auto Classes.

Example 1:

ABC Car Show uses a simple Scorecard for every auto with only one set of Judging Criteria (e.g. Overall Score - 50)

Example 2:

XYZ Car Show uses multiple judging criteria groups (e.g. Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles) and multiple judging criteria.

  • Scorecard: Cars & Trucks

    • Interior - 10

    • Exterior - 10

    • Paint - 10

    • Engine - 10

  • Scorecard: Motorcycles

    • Exterior - 10

    • Paint - 10

    • Engine - 10

Note in the example above Motorcycles do not have an ‘Interior’ judging criteria


A Scorecard can be assigned to one or more Auto Classes.

You do not need to create a Scorecard for each Auto Class if the auto classes will use the same set of judging criteria.

Create New Scorecard

  1. Click 'Add Scorecard' button.

  2. Give this scorecard a name (e.g. Cars).

  3. Enter your criteria name (e.g. Interior) and the maximum value (e.g. 20).

  4. If you wish to add another criteria, click the 'Add Judging Criteria' button (you may add as many criteria as you wish).

  5. Click 'Save'.  You are returned to the Scorecards list.


If your event is a 'Judged Event':

  • You MUST create at least one Scorecard PRIOR to creating Auto Classes.


If you are looking to submit a support request, please visit our CSP Help Center