Login button not working


User tries to log into the site through the Member Login page but the Log In button doesn't seem to work.

Possible Solutions

The following steps are provided to try to resolve any caching issues.  We encourage you to try each step individually, then try logging in to the site again.

If the Log In button doesn't seem to be working, the most probable cause is that the page did not load correctly and you will need to refresh your browser cache.

  1. Force a refresh of your browser – Try forcing a refresh of the page in your browser:
    • Mac: usually CMD + R
    • PC: usually CTRL + F5
  2. Stay updated – Ensure you are using the most recent version of your browser. You can check your browser information on the What Is My Browser website.
  3. Refresh your browser cache – You may find instructions to clear your browser cache at the Refresh Your Cache website.  
  4. Start Private Browsing – Create a new private browser session. Find instructions for your browser on our Browser Support page.

If You Are Still Unable To Log In

If you are still unable to log in, please use the 'Send Browser data to Car Show Pro Support' link in the footer section of the Car Show Pro website and contact Support. (Note: You will be required to create a login for support).