QR Codes


What are QR Codes?


QR Codes are machine-readable codes consisting of an array of black and white squares, typically used for storing URLs or other information for reading by the camera on a smartphone.  A QR code consists of black modules (square dots) arranged in a square grid on a white background, which can be read by an imaging device (such as a camera, scanner, etc.).   While originally developed in Japan for the automotive industry, QR Codes have been widely adopted as a method to providing a link for more information about a company's product or service, usually directing users to the website to provide more information.QR Codes must be read using a QR Code reader, a software application which usually must be installed on the user's smartphone or tablet.  More information about QR Codes on Wikipedia.

One Unified, Complete Solution for Voting and Judging


History of QR Codes and Car Show Pro

Early in development in 2013, it became apparent that there was a need to develop a method to allow event judges to quickly and easily retrieve auto IDs for the purposes of scoring the auto.It became apparent that QR Codes best fit these requirements as QR Codes can be dynamically generated and minimal effort was required on the user's part (users only needed to install a free QR Code reader to their device).With the initial launch of the website, the 'Judges QR Code' on the participant Dashcards quickly became a popular tool for event judges and administrators alike.Version 1.6 of the website introduced the People's Choice Voting system.  CSP again decided to employ the power of QR Codes by adding a 'People's Choice QR Code' on the bottom left of the participant's Dashcard.Version 2.8 saw the combining of the 2 QR Codes into one, smart QR Code.  Both Judges and the attending public could use the same QR Code, simplifying the process for both judges and the attending public.  The new QR Code also features a voting URL to allow those without a QR Code reader to manually enter a simplified URL in their mobile browser to vote for the auto or judge the auto (for event judges).  Each auto in the show has a unique voting URL.Scanning this QR Code allows the general public at the show to vote for their favourite auto(s) almost effortlessly.  The system tallies votes and produces a People's Choice Winners List for event administrators, all automatically without the need for human intervention.Car Show Pro was the first to offer QR Codes on Dashcards as a means to expedite and simplify the judging process and we continue to strive to provide innovative solutions for car show enthusiasts and event administrators alike.

QR Code Scanner

Looking to scan a QR Code?  Mobile users can now easily scan a QR Code using our new built-in QR Code Scanner right from the main menu.

When you click the Scan QR Code icon, you may be prompted to Allow access to your camera.  Select the Allow option.  A preview of your camera will appear.  Slowly move the preview over the QR Code on the Dashcard. If a QR Code is detected, you will see the following message:

You will be redirected to the corresponding auto page.


Rapid movement of the camera over a QR Code may result in the QR Code being mis-read, resulting in a ‘Page Not Found’ error or not being able to find the correct auto. 


If you receive a message saying 'Camera Access Denied'

This message indicates that the browser does not have access to your camera and you cannot use your browser to open the camera to scan QR Codes.  Additional information will be displayed below with instructions to help you resolve the issue (for Apple or Android operating systems) or a message will be displayed if your device is not supported.


The Scan QR Code functionality is only supported for Apple and Android operating systems.  You cannot use the Scan QR Code functionality on a laptop or desktop computer (icon is not visible), as these devices normally do not have a rear facing camera.  The Scan QR Code function was never intended for use on laptop or desktop computers.

Camera access from your browser is supported on most major browsers for Apple and Android, however, some browsers do not allow camera access.


 CSP QR Code History

  • Feb 2021 (v3.10) - CSP adds the ability to scan a QR Code straight from the main menu of Car Show Pro. This link opens the camera from your browser, allowing a quick, seamless and consistent way for all users to scan Dashcard QR Codes, with support for Apple and Android devices.

  • Oct 2017 (v2.8) – CSP combines the People's Choice and Event Judges QR Codes into a single, unified QR Code and adds a simplified voting URL to the Dashcard to allow accommodate users without a QR Code reader on their smartphone.

  • July 2015 (v1.6) – CSP introduces the People's Choice Voting, an automated voting system which enables the general public attending the show to vote for their favourite auto(s) in the show.  Voting is accomplished by allowing the general public to scan a QR Code on the participant's Dashcard or searching for the participant's auto ID on the People's Choice page for the event.

  • May 2015 (v1.5) – With the initial website launch, Car Show Pro (formerly Car Show Solutions) introduced QR Codes on the participant's Dashcard.  Event Judges can scan the participant's Dashcard to retrieve the auto ID quickly and easily for scoring.


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