Version History

Car Show Pro continues to lead the car show management industry by continually developing and innovating.

Our goal is to continually enhance the functionality to further accommodate a wider range of shows for all autos.

Car Show Pro is proud to be the first car show management software to provide innovative solutions such as an automated People's Choice voting system and QR Codes on Dashcards to improve efficiency, accuracy and speed for both Judges and the attending public.  We continue to lead by leveraging technology to automate and simplify both judged and non-judged auto shows.

Our complete development and version history of Car Show Pro.

Released: June 2023

  • New Google reCaptcha implementation to help reduce spam and bot traffic.


Released: Mar 2023

  • NEW: Print or Download Auto QR Codes! Now you can print or download the QR Code for each auto, perfect if you don’t want a Dashcard or if you have your own Dashcard you’d like to use. You can print an individual QR Code or batch print many QR Codes and you have options on what additional information you want on the QR Code file (i.e. Event Name, Year Make and Model, short URL for voting/judging and the Auto ID).


Released: Feb 2023

  • Improved People’s Choice Voting algorithm to further reduce ‘false positives’ for previous voting.

  • Improved error checking on event registration.

  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes.


Released: Dec 2022

  • NEW:  Event Admin Info Blocks on the Details tab for key features (Event Status, Online Registrations, Judging and People’s Choice settings).  These new info blocks allow event admins to quickly view the status of key functionality settings for their event.

  • NEW:  Event Administrators can now choose to PASS or ABSORB the CSP Fee (Car Show Pro fee) on to the buyer.

  • NEW:  Event Administrators can now choose to PASS or ABSORB the CC Processing Fee (fees incurred for CC processing) on to the buyer.

  • NEW: Event Administrators can now call, text or email event staff, judges and other admins from the Staffing tab.

  • CHANGE: Only Event Administrators can issue a refund. Event Staff can no longer issue refunds.

  • Improved error checking and feedback on event registration page.

  • Many small enhancements and bug fixes.


Released:  May 2022

  • DB Schema changes to accommodate future enhancements.

  • New Additional Info field: Event admins can now utilize a new Additional Info field to capture specific information about a registration that is not currently available on the registration page. For instance, an event admin can request and capture the T-shirt size info if a registration includes a free T-shirt. This field is customizable and can be made mandatory or optional by the event admin.

Released:  Feb 2022

Minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Released:  Jan 2022

This release features the following enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Moved payment processing to Stripe.
    Stripe offers more credit card payment options as well as allows users to pay using Apple Pay and Google Pay!
    New CC Processing Fees are 4.0% + $0.39 (USD or CDN, as applicable). For this release, the buyer is responsible for CC Processing Fees. A future enhancement will allow event admins the option to pass/absorb CC Processing Fees.
    NOTE: CC Processing Fees are non-refundable. Events will ultimately be responsible for any outstanding CC Processing Fees.

Released:  August 2021

This release features the following enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Special Awards automation: Event admins can now leverage the power of People’s Choice Voting and/or Event Judges to nominate autos for Special Awards. You can even filter down the applicable autos for an award by choosing specific auto classes and/or auto years for that award (i.e. If you had a ‘Best 60s Car’ award, you could filter the award to only specific auto classes ( i.e. a car class vs a truck or motorcycle class), and you could further filter that award down to only specified auto years (i.e. 1960-1969). This award would only appear for nomination for People’s Choice Voting and/or event judges (your choice) where an auto meets the Award Criteria of the specified auto class(es) and auto years between 1960-1969.
    This powerful new functionality will assist in automating many of the Special Awards for many car shows.

Released:  April 2021

The release of version 3.11 is a combined release for both v3.10 and 3.11.   These releases feature the following enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Judge Autos Print/Email List: Head Judges and Admins can now print or email a list of autos from the Judge Autos page. The Head Judge or Admin can filter a list of autos and either print that list or email it to one or more Judges, Head Judges or Admins. This is a great tool to advise Judges of any autos which need to be scored or any issues with scoring for particular autos.

  • QR Code Scanner: Added a new QR Code Scanner item to the main menu. Users can now open a QR Code Scanner directly from the Car Show Pro website. This simplifies the process of using a QR Code Scanner and offers another option over using the camera (iPhone and some high-end Android phone) or downloading a dedicated QR Code Scanner from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

  • Simplified the auto registration process, allowing new users to register a 2nd or 3rd auto without having to log in. Previously, you could register one auto as a new user, but were then forced to Activate your account and log in to register additional autos. This process was cumbersome and unintuitive. Now you can register your first auto and then register an additional auto so long as you are within the same browser session.

  • Dashcard tweaks to prevent dashcard from printing on 2 pages in some rare instances.

  • Several minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Released:  February 2021

The release of version 3.9 is a combined release for both v3.8 and 3.9.   These releases feature the following enhancements and bug fixes:

  • New Auto Management: Completely re-designed the way autos are managed, allowing members, event staff and event admins to quickly and easily swap a participant’s registered auto, edit an existing auto or add a new auto.

  • Removed Auto Name auto-populating. We’ve removed the need to have the Auto Name populated… something that should have been done long ago!

  • Added Event Info tab to the Event Admin section, allowing Admins to add notes for the event and share them between all admins for the event.

  • New: Auto Classes now display on the Event Details and Event Registration pages, allowing participants to view classes for your show. Additionally, complete auto class info can now be viewed from the View Participants and Score Auto pages.

  • New Event Notes: A new Event Info tab was introduced which allows Event Admins and CSP to store notes about the event. For example, you can store notes on outstanding tasks (i.e. ‘Order trophies’)

  • Expanded the Participant and Income information on the View Participants page and corresponding report.

  • New linked events: when an event is created using a past event as the template, that past event will be linked to the current event. Linking events allows event admins to see notes from past events and this will also allow the ability to create new functionality in the future.

  • View Participants and Judge Autos pages: the Camera icon, when enabled, signals that an auto photo is attached to that registration and can easily be viewed by clicking the icon.

  • Score Auto page: an auto photo thumbnail is displayed if an auto photo exists for that auto

  • Car Show Listings page: thumbnail of event logo can be viewed full size.

  • Dashcards: minor modifications and tweaks

  • Lots of minor enhancements and bug fixes

Released:  February 2020

  • Updated framework for better user experience and more mobile friendly

  • Admins/Staff can now edit all participants, including Unpaid and Refunded.

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements

Released:  February 2020

  • New sidebar navigation

  • New icons site-wide

Released:  November 2019

  • Updated login, new membership and forgot password pages

  • Improved login security

  • New Show/Hide password functionality

  • minor enhancements and bug fixes

Released:  June 2019

  • Various minor bug fixes

Released:  June 2019

  • New Judging Criteria (Highest Score) report.  Displays who scored the highest for each judging criteria.  A great solution for determining who won the Best Engine/Best Paint/Best Sound type awards.

  • Fixed broken nav menu item

  • Fixed an incorrect login error

  • Fixed issue when searching on Listings page

Released:  May 17, 2019

  • Now supports Concours judging!

  • Added judge notes.  Judges can now add notes when judging autos.

  • Added event admin notes.

  • New Judge Report - Winner's List and Judge Report (for individual or multiple auto IDs).  New reports detail Judges scores and notes.

  • Updated Judging page icons.

  • Fixed a bug on Member Registration page for email address.

  • Fixed a bug where auto name was being duplicated on Dashcard.

  • Fixed a bug on image size on Gallery page (event admin).

Released:  Feb 28, 2019

  • Added Parking Info field to event registration, add participants, judging and dashcards

  • Re-ordered auto fields on registration page and my garage

  • Admins/Staff can now upload an auto photo

  • Added auto photo icon to View Participants

  • Allow users to enter next year's auto year (to accommodate next year's model)

  • Fixed a bug in Auto dropdown on registration page

Released:  Feb 28, 2019

  • Added geolocation to People's Choice Voting to confirm voters are attending the show.  Geolocation restrictions are now controlled by the event administrator.

  • Added enhanced logic to further reduce invalid People's Choice votes.

  • Expanded People's Choice messaging for invalid auto IDs, future events, past events, etc.

  • Fixed map bug on Event Details page

  • Fixed event photo resizing issue during upload

  • Minor bug fixes.

Released:  August 26, 2018

  • Freestyle Judging - Event administrators can now give judges the option 'skip' judging criteria.  This is a great solution for team judging or judged events with optional judging criteria.

  • Judges will now see if an auto has been previously judged right on the Judge Auto page.

  • Judges will now be prompted to confirm judging scores.

  • Head Judges can now view individual scoring breakdowns of all judging criteria for all autos.

  • Max Score is now displayed in the Score column on the expanded row of the main judging page.

  • Admins/Staff can now process a credit card on the Add Participants page.

  • Fix for some iPhone users unable to upload new HEIC format photos.

  • Improved Dashcard URL (no longer case sensitive).

  • View Participants page tweaks.

  • System software enhancements.

  • Minor bug fixes.

Released:  April 22, 2018

  • Consolidated Event Administration - Admins, Staff and Judges functionality has all been consolidated onto the Event Admin page, greatly improving user experience.  All admin functionality is accessed on one page and, depending on the user role, users will be limited to certain administration functionality (i.e. Event Staff cannot access event judging).

  • Minor bug fixes.

Released:  January 19, 2018

  • New 'Best in Show' automated report, listing the top scoring participants (for judged events).

  • New Auto Classification support for data import

  • New calendar-style event start and end dates and times

  • Minor bug fixes

Released:  December 28, 2017

  • Re-design of People's Choice Voting page for better mobile experience

  • Update of People's Choice Voting instructions

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements

Released:  October 29, 2017

  • v2.9

    • Added country support for Australia

  • v2.8

    • Combined the People's Choice and Event Judging QR Codes into a single, unified QR Code for use by both People's Choice as well as event judging.

    • Added the '' URL to allow those without a QR Code to manually enter a simplified URL on their smartphone for voting or judging.

    • Greatly enhanced People's Choice interface, adding more auto info as well as auto photos for greater interaction with the People's Choice voting system.

    • Added the new 'Unlimited Voting' option for People's Choice, allowing the attending public to vote for as many autos in the show as they wish.  Event administrators can now choose to allow 'Unlimited Voting' or still use the original 'Single Voting' option for People's Choice.

    • Fixed a bug where the incorrect values were being displayed on the View Participants page.

    • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Released:  July 2017

  • v2.7.1

    • Fixed a bug where the Dashcard PDF border was displaying on a second page.

    • Fixed a bug where the Car Club report count was inaccurate in some instances.

    • Dashcard PDFs open in new window.

    • Minor bug fixes.

    • Replaced some icons with larger icons for easier use on mobile.

Released:  June 16, 2017

  • v2.7

    • Improved user search - Enhanced security, more useful results.

    • Improved search results formatting.

    • Added 'Read More' link to event descriptions.

    • Judging enhancements - Ties Exist message displays in each auto class that have ties.

    • Minor bug fixes.

  • v2.6

    • Dashcard printing - New Dashcard printing introduced, including 'batch' dashcard printing! Now print or download multiple Dashcards from a single PDF file.

    • Reformatted View Participants info boxes.

  • v2.5

    • Added Auto Description to registration fields.

    • Added Event Waiver Title and textbox.

    • Minor CSS updates.

  • v2.4

    • Data Import - Car Show Pro can now import your car show participant data. Reduce line ups on the day of the show by having your previous participant data already populated in Car Show Pro. Quickly and easily look up members and save time during the registration process. Optionally, we can create registrations automatically for your event.

    • Updated View Participants data fields.

    • Minor bug fixes.

Released:  April 4, 2017

  • Social Login: Log in with your Facebook, Twitter or Google account.

  • Updated the 'Share This' functionality

  • Judging enhancements (v2.2 enhancements)

  • Minor enhancements

  • Minor bug fixes

Released:  August 5, 2016

  • Added basic Car Club functionality

  • Added Car Club Participation report

Released:  July 15, 2016

  • Support for multiple judges

  • Addition of Head Judge/Master Judge role

  • Timezone support

  • Bug fixes

Released:  Jan 14, 2016

  • Bootstrap upgrade

  • Minor bug fixes

Released:  August 2, 2015

  • Added People's Choice

  • Added Event Admin Contact Info & Alternate Contact Info

  • Fixed Facebook Share This link functionality

  • General bug fixes

Released:  June 1, 2015

  • General bug fixes

Initial Release: May 15, 2015

  • Registration & Login

  • Event Listings

  • Dashboard

  • Event Administration

  • My Events

  • My Garage

  • Event Judging

  • Event Staffing

  • Judge QR Code on Dashcard

  • Reporting

Development Start: Feb 2014

  • Project start

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