Generic Declined Credit/Debit Card Message


Why is my credit/debit card being declined?



Car Show Pro currently can process Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diner’s Club, JCB, Union Pay, Visa Debit, Mastercard Debit, Google Pay and Apple Pay. Most debit cards can also be processed, but some may not.

Some users may experience a generic declined credit/debit card message when registering for an event.

Why Am I Receiving This Message?

This message means your credit card company or bank has declined the transaction but has not given a specific reason.  It does not necessarily mean your card does not have adequate funds available.

Our credit card processor does not receive specific information from the credit card issuer other than an approval or a declined response.  

This message will be returned if:

  • your credit card does not have adequate funds available.

  • your credit card has not been approved for online purchases.

  • your credit card is not approved for cross-border transactions.  Often this the reason for the decline.  Car Show Pro is a Canadian company.  Many US credit cards are initially issued for use within the US only and will automatically be declined if the transaction is initiated outside the US.

  • your credit card has a restriction put in place for fraud prevention or your credit card company has automatically flagged the transaction as suspicious.


Speak with the credit card company or bank that issued your credit card to determine the reason why the transaction was declined.  Inform them you were trying to register online for a car show using Car Show Pro.  You may need to authorize them to approve the transaction.

Generally this issue can be rectified quickly and easily over the phone with your credit card company or bank.

You may also contact Car Show Pro, toll-free @ 1-844-855-4277 for more information

If you are looking to submit a support request, please visit our CSP Help Center