A Car Show Pro membership is simply your user account on the website.  Your account contains the following information:

  • Profile
    • General Information
      • Name – First and Last Name
      • Username – Your username which you can use to log in with (alternatively you may log in with your email address).  Usernames may not be edited.  If you want to change your username, please Submit a Support Request.
      • Email address – The email address you specified at the time of registration.
      • Password
      • Profile picture (optional)
    • Contact Information
      • Address info
      • Phone numbers
    • Car Club Information
    • Account History

There are two ways to sign up for a CSP membership:

  1. Sign up for a new membership on the website:
    • Anyone may sign up for a free CSP membership.  Please refer to our New Member Registration How-to Article for instructions.
  2. Register at a CSP hosted event:
    • By registering at an event where CSP is used for, you'll automatically have a membership created.  Once you have registered for an event, you will receive an Account Activation email with instructions on how to complete the sign up process and verify your account (NOTE: You will only receive an email if you have provided a valid email address with your registration).

Once your membership has been activated, you can log in to the Car Show Pro website.


How-to Articles

Creating a New Membership

Forgot Password

If you are looking to submit a support request, please visit our CSP Help Center