A sample of your Dashboard

Your Dashboard is your your account overview.  You can manage your profile and contact information, view the events you are registered for, view/add or modify the autos in your garage and manage events either you have created or have been invited to act as an admin, judge or staff member.


Normally when you log in, you are directed to your Dashboard.  The Dashboard provides a quick and easy way to view your Car Show Pro member details.  You may access various sections of your Dashboard either by:

  • selecting one of the links in the left sidebar (sidebar is hidden on mobile devices but can be accessed using the menu icon above the Dashboard heading).
  • selecting one of the'View Details' buttons for the My Events, My Garage or Event Admin sections.
  • selecting the Dashboard link in the main navigation menu and then selecting one of the available links (main navigation menu is displayed on desktop/laptop views, otherwise accessed by the menu icon when on mobile).

My Events

My Events displays a list of event you are currently registered for.  You can display a list of past events by selecting 'Show: Past events' from the dropdown list at the top.

My Garage

Here you can manage all your autos.  You can add/modify or delete auto information.  You can also add a photo to your auto (which will display on your Dashcard when you attend a Car Show Pro managed event).

Event Administration

Manage all your own events or events where you have been invited to act as an Event Administrator, Judge or Staff member.

My Profile

Manage your personal information, contact information, car clubs and more through the My Profile section.

If you are looking to submit a support request, please visit our CSP Help Center