People's Choice Voting

People's Choice Voting is a great way to engage your spectators, allow them to interact with your show and choose the winners!

Many car shows are doing away with the traditional 'judged' shows either due to a lack of available judges or complaints from participants that judging is not unbiased or they feel their auto should have 'scored better'.

Other shows still have event judges but want to allow spectators to choose a winner, but don't want the hassle of tabulating paper voting ballots, not to mention paper ballots can very easily lead to misuse.

Our People's Choice Voting system allows event administrators to provide a solution which is both easy to set up and fully automated by allowing spectators vote for their favorite auto in the show using their smartphone.

People's Choice can be used as a stand-alone voting system, thereby removing the need for event judges, or can be used in conjunction with traditional judged events to supplement the event awards and give spectators a voice in choosing the winners.


People's Choice voting relies on restricting voting by utilizing several methods, including IP Address.  People's Choice will not work over most small wifi networks, as all devices on the network usually 'share' the IP Address of the router.

This will result in only one user being able to cast a vote for any particular auto, with all other users receiving a message that they have already voted for that auto.

A cellular data connection must be used for People's Choice voting.

Event administrators can choose from 2 People's Choice voting formats

  •   Best in Show.  This is the default setting for new events.  Event administrators can choose Unlimited Voting (each spectator can vote for as many different autos in the show as they wish) or Single Voting (spectators can only vote for one auto in the show, but may change their vote at any time by voting for a different auto).  All autos basically compete in one 'group'.  Auto Classification is not relevant or even needed for Best in Show voting.
  •   Best in Class.  This is a great option to expand People's Choice voting by defining the number of winners in each auto class.  Event administrators can choose the Unlimited Voting (each spectator can vote for as many different autos in the show as they wish) or Single Voting option (spectators can only vote for one auto in each auto class, but may change their vote at any time by voting for a different auto in the same class).  Each auto class competes individually, producing a list of winners for each auto class.

People's Choice Voting, by default, can be completely automated, meaning spectators wishing to participate can cast their vote for their favorite auto in the show by utilizing one of three different methods described below in How to Vote.  This option keeps the voting easy and requires minimal involvement by the event administrator.  Event Admins and Judges have access to the People's Choice winner's list to resolve ties.

Additionally, paper voting tickets can be printed and handed out to spectators.  Spectators can mark their favorite auto ID and drop the tickets at the registration table.  An event admin or judge is required to manually tally and populate the People's Choice winner's list.  This option offers more flexibility to accommodate those spectators who do not have a smart phone but does require an admin or judge for data entry.

A combination of automated vote counting and paper ticket counting may also be used.

People's Choice - How to Vote

Using your cellular-enabled smartphone or tablet, you can cast your vote and help determine the People's Choice winner(s).  Simply find the auto(s) you like best and follow one of the steps below.

There are three ways spectators can participate in People's Choice voting:

Scan the QR Code

Using your smartphone camera, browser or QR Code Reader, simply scan the QR Code on the Dashcard for the auto of your choice

(the easiest and quickest way to vote).

Enter the URL

Manually enter the unique voting URL for that auto.

(located below the QR Code).

Search by Auto ID

Search for the Auto ID from the People's Choice voting page for that event.

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