Settings tab

All of your general event settings and options are managed on this tab.

Event settings and Defaults

  • Type of event - Is your event a Judged or Non-Judged Event?  Judged events are competition style events, with show judges.  Non-Judged events are people’s choice voting events, car cruises, show-n-shines or events that do not have show judges.  Default for new events is 'Judged'.

  • Judging Format - Supports 3 judging formats: Traditional, Freestyle or Concours

    • Traditional: Each judge must provide a value for each judging criteria before they can submit the Scorecard. The most common format applicable to most car shows.

    • Freestyle: Judges can ‘skip’ judging criteria. This is a great option for team judging, where each judge may only be responsible for scoring one or more judging criteria.

    • Concours: Each participant starts with a theoretical ‘perfect score’ (example: 10/10). A point, or partial point, is deducted for each defect found, producing final score for that judging criteria. This option is used mostly in high-end Concours events.

  • Judges can change Classes - Allow judges to change an auto class?  Default for new events is ‘Yes'. Note: If an auto class is not selected, the judge will be prompted to choose an auto class before it can be judged, even if this event setting is 'No’.

  • Judge Notes - Allows judges to provide notes on the Scorecard for each judging criteria and overall scoring notes. Default is ‘Yes’.

  • Allow zero scores - This option allows Judges to select zero ( 0 ) as a score for a judging criteria.  Default is 'No'.

  • Admins can Participate - Can Admins register for the event? Default for new events is 'No'.

  • Judges can Participate - Can Judges register for the event? Default for new events is 'No'.

  • Staff can Participate - Can Staff register for the event? Default for new events is 'Yes'.

  • Display Sponsors - Displays sponsors on the event details page. Default for new events is 'Yes'.

  • Online Registrations - Allows the event admin to choose whether or not to accept registrations online & options for payments.  Participants can also be registered manually by an admin or staff member on the day of the show.

    • CC payment required - Requires registrants to pay with their credit card at the time of registration

    • Payment optional - Registrants can choose to pay with their credit card at the time of registration OR just register and pay at the event

    • No payment - No credit card payment option.  Registrants simply register and pay at the event.

  • People's Choice Award - Allows the event admin to turn on/off People's Choice Voting.

    • Best in Show - All autos compete together regardless of auto classification.

    • Best in Class - The autos in each auto classification compete within the class.

    • Number of Winners - Determines the number of winners in Best in Show or Best in Class (each class will have the same number of winners

    • Geolocation voting restriction - Restricts voting by verifying the voter is within a limited geographical area surrounding the event. Defaults to ‘Yes’. It is NOT recommended to turning this option OFF.

    • Voting Start Date/Time - optional Voting Start Date/Time.  Defaults to event Start Date/Time.

    • Voting End Date/Time - optional Voting End Date/Time.  Defaults to event End Dat/Time.  Useful for ending People's Choice Voting early to allow for presentation.

  • Event Waiver - Allows the event admin to manage any event waiver/disclaimer they have.  If set to 'Yes', Participants will be required to agree to the event waiver prior to registration.

  • Parking/Location - Enables/Disables the parking/location field. This option is useful for large shows with multiple parking lots or locations. Parking info can optionally be displayed on the Dashcard.

    • Parking mandatory (admins) - If ‘Yes’, Parking field is mandatory when adding a participant.

    • Parking visible (registrant) - If 'Yes, Parking field will be visible on the Event Registration page (applicable when participants are self-registering). Additional options are available.

    • Display on Dashcard - If ‘Yes’, displays parking information at the bottom of the Dashcard. Useful for parking volunteers to direct participants on where to park.


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